U.S. NGW Centre offers Ukraine's defense sector modeling technologies for carrying out command and staff exercises

Interfax-Ukraine - The American-based Center for the Study of New Generation Warfare (NGW Center) has developed advanced technologies of computer modelling for conducting command and staff exercises at the operational-strategic level for the defense sector of Ukraine.

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According to the report of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies (CACDS), the possibilities of the new software platform CONFLICT, developed by the American partners, used to simulate the development of situations during military conflicts, has been recently presented to Ukrainian military specialists in Kyiv.

According to the NGW Center, from the beginning of military aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Federation uses the country's territory as a test site for a wide range of new kinetic and non-kinetic weapons - from cyber attacks to thermobaric ammunition. This actualized the need for understanding and modeling next generation conflicts with the goal of developing effective tools for their neutralization.

According to the estimates of the American company, the expanded use of the next generation military methods in the course of the Russian military operation in Ukraine requires the highest military and political leadership of the state to timely understand the changes in the environment and the situation, be ready for updating and specifying the general knowledge, and be able to develop solutions given logistical capabilities and the method of simulation and analysis.

The new software product is intended for use by the military and political leadership of the state to study alternatives to the development of the situation and forecast possible results of military operations.