NGWC Team Leads Scenario Exercise at Littoral Optech-North Workshop

Between October 16th - 18th The New Generation Warfare Centre team attended the Littoral Optech-North workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Sponsored by Saab, COVE, NSCC, The Royal Canadian Navy, and The Naval Postgraduate School LOC, the three day workshop focused on “the colder littorals” of the Arctic environment and marked the fourth in a series of regionally focused Littoral Operations and Technology Workshops. The Littoral OpTech Workshop series gathers defence leaders, scientists, analysts, and experts from Government, Academia, and Industry to explore the unique operational and technological challenges in and along the littoral waters of the globe.

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For working purposes, a militarily useful definition of the littoral is the near shore area where complexity and risk rapidly expand within all domains Cyber, Land, Air, Maritime and Space (CLAMS). In this area one confronts high clutter and anti-access strategies across manifold, overlapping boundaries that generate area specific operating conditions and the need for tailored operations with advanced technologies.

OpTech workshops foster close collaboration with allies and partners and expand operational perspectives and the awareness of advanced technology solutions. The NGWC team participated throughout the three days and conducted a Full Spectrum Deterrence Scenario Exercise to allow participants to test concepts and explore collaborative solutions to a crisis scenario in the Arctic littorals.

Littoral Photos Edited.jpg

Picture credit: Mr. Nicklas Gustafsson at Arctistic AB