Mr. Edmund Bitinas

Vice President of Wargames, Models, & Simulations

Mr. Edmund J. Bitinas serves as the Vice President for Wargames, Models, and Simulations at the New Generation Warfare Centre, and is an expert in the design, development and application of modeling, simulation and wargames in the areas of defense, national security and transportation. He is also a member of the NATO Systems Analysis and Studies (SAS-130) team exploring wargames, modeling and simulation options for course of action analysis within NATO in the 21st century. Throughout his 39-year professional career, Mr. Bitinas has pioneered new and innovative approaches to help gain insights into complex problems.

Prior to joining the NGW Centre, Mr. Bitinas was a Senior Fellow at The Potomac Foundation (TPF), where we supported numerous US Air Force modeling and simulation efforts on the simulation of attacks on air bases and post attack sortie generation recovery, as well as the development of a fast-running air campaign simulation. His efforts included automating an existing TPF wargame, enabling it to be used to support numerous wargames for various organizations, to include the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, the Baltic Defense College, and military representatives of Poland, Latvia and Sweden.

Mr. Bitinas held the position of Chief Scientist at the Northrop Grumman Corporation, where he led numerous analytic efforts that involved modeling and simulation for all four US Services over a 35 year career. Mr. Bitinas earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science Degree in Operations Research from the Illinois Institute of Technology.